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Welcome to my photo site. My love for photography developed about 30 years ago, in college, when I learned how to develop and print black & white photographs. I've always joked that in college I spent more time in the darkroom than in the classroom. When the college yearbook asked me to work for them I was issued my first press pass. Since those days of black & white, my interests evolved into color prints, then slides, and now digital images. Above you will find links to several of my galleries. Feel free to browse the picture galleries and e-mail me your comments at alexbratu@yahoo.com or use the e-mail link above. Browse the Free Wallpaper gallery and download an image to use as your desktop background.

Alex Bratu
P.O. Box 3319
Milford, CT 06460 USA

alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-558581/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-555968/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-559434/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-557770/ viagra for daily use 5 mg generic viagra vs brand viagra and viagra combo http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-558756/ alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-559964/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-555499/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-564891/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-564081/ alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-562193/ http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-560122/ alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-560015/ cheap generic viagra usa viagra how long does it stay in your system side effects mixing viagra alcohol http://alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-561240/ alexbratuphotography.com/dmi-564344/

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